Saint-Pierre de Beauvais Ring


Colombian Handmade Jewelry 

Developed by the natives of the
American continent hundreds of
years ago, this circular shape is
called a Spiral, and it is part of the
pre-Colombian art works. It is a
privilege for Sanin to keep our
history alive through a piece of

Materials | 24k gold plated brass

Size| Adjustable ring


Following these brief tips, your jewelry will have greater durability:

  • Wear your jewelry after applying perfume, creams and fragrances.
  • You should not take the product to places such as: swimming pools, salt water, sauna, Turkish bath, gym or spas.
  •  Store each piece in independent bags away from sunlight and in cool places. Also, don’t store jewelry in plastic bags. Some plastics emit vapors that can pit and discolor your pieces.
  • Avoid contact with water or moisture off any kind.
  • Clean jewelry with soft, dry cloths.

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