MyCAVI |For the Love of Coco Tanning Oil

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Spring Break Must Have Tanning Oil 

Get Sunkissed by CAVI featuring CocoSun Tanning Lotion. 

 "ForTheLoveofCoco" is a 100% organic tanning oil containing ingredients such as carrot extract, watermelon extract and coffee extract (famous for their individual tanning properties) and of course, coconut oil... our fav!

Once you apply it and spread it thoroughly you'll notice an instant bronzed glow that intensely hydrates your skin on the spot. Just re-apply every once in a while (we recommend once every hour or so) when spending the day under the sun.... then all you have to do is enjoy your tan!

This is your only sun-lotion for SpringBreak. Sunkissed by CAVI featuring   ForTheLoveofCoco.


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