Almond Dress

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Ruched sleeves bring an exotic flair to this Classy Elegant Tan Dress, knitted texture keeps the feel of this top warm and fresh. Pair with nude high heels and you will rock it!

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Almond Dress isn’t just a mini dress, it is  a dress that can be worn in the Summer or Fall. You can combine this beautiful design with nude wedges for the Summer days or some knee high black boots for winter. Customers will be able to compliment this dress with either season. A women can never go wrong with having a dress that can be worn for multiple occasions and seasons. Who ever said repeating outfits was a bad thing, clearly didn’t have a dress like this one.  All occasions & seasons, customers can combine Almond Dress with different accessories.

The Design of the Almond Dress

First of all, ruched sleeves bring an exotic flair to this mini dress because, knitted texture keeps the feel of this dress as  warm and fresh as possible. Pair it with nude high heels and you will rock it doing to Sunday brunch or your best friends party. Front part of this mini dress can be tied around customeres waist at your “tightness” choice. Above all this dress will make any women feel confident and sexy in any season. The chest part isn’t revealing but you aren’t to covered up either. Almond Dress allows you to feel and look sexy without showing all your goodies.

Story of the Almond Dress

It all started with a women who wanted to wear a light orange/brown dress but couldn’t because it resembled Halloween to much, and it was Summer. Allowing yourself to let lose and repeat outfits is the first step, but trying out non-summer outfits in the summer is a big step.

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